Past Membership, Appointments and Titles in Professional and Cultural Organizations:

–President, Canada Council for Islamic Awareness Foundation, 2000+

–Member, Edmonton Council for Advanced Technology, 1980s.

–President, Multi-Indigenous Studies Program of the Americas, 1980s.

–President, Mountain Cree Camp Syllabics Institute, 1990s-early 2000s.

–Downtown Edmonton Community Association, member, 1990s.

–Edmonton Committee Against War and Racism, Founding Member, 2001+

–Adopt-A-Town (in Iraq) Committee, served as advisor to the Mayor of Edmonton, in the capacity of Founding Member, 2003+

–President, Farm Maid Products, Ltd. This company manufactured and marketed a line of food product inventions of mine as well as served as a contractor between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Canadian agricultural implement companies, 1976 – 1995.

–Farm Research Foundation member and inventor. This organization was centered in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and assisted me in the construction and testing of my inventions including a grasshopper harvester, 1970s-80s.

–United States Air Force member from 1967 to 1977, reserve and active duty.