Employment Highlights:

1969-71: Served as the assistant to the Medical Director, Dr. E. Ragan, of Canada’s Peace Corps known as Canadian University Services Overseas.

1972-75: Taught in four faculties at the University of Regina: Mathematical Linguistics in the Physics Dept. under Prof. Giorgio Papini; Political Science under Prof. Milnor Alexander; Fine Arts under Prof. Rinaldo Petrini di Pistoja; Poetry under Prof. Vern McCarthy.

1976-83: Operated a hotel, cheese factory, dairy farm and gourmet food manufacturing and distribution company. All through the 1970s and 80s, I built several inventions, published poetry and other writings, painted in oils, sketched, and explored the outer limits of creativity.

1980s, 90s, 2000s: During these decades, I worked for over 100 N. American tribal organizations in several capacities from federal claims research to traditional land use studies.

1999-now: I have served as an advisor to international organizations in the capacity of encryption analyst and overall cipher specialist.

Through the last ten years or so, I have been involved in several documentaries, some good and some bad, ranging from professional productions to very rustic amateur pastiches.