Recent Publications:

–2010 marks a major publication year for my work: The top world authority on Leonardo da Vinci, Maestro Carlo Pedretti, published my essay “What’s In A Name”, in his new book Leonardo da Vinci L’ “Angelo Incarnato” & Salai, published by Cartei & Bianchi, 416 pages of bi-lingual text and spectacular colour illustrations; the new ESOP Volume 27 includes my new essay Rachel Resurrexit; my paper “Leonardo da Vinci–An Icon of Proto-Futurism?” will be published in a special edition of The Canadian Journal of Comparative Literature, edited by Professor William Anselmi, University of Alberta Modern Languages and Culture Department; my paper “The Sarmatian Hypothesis” is to be published in ESOP Volume 28 as well as in other international venues. There will be further publications in 2010 now in the works that, upon confirmation, will be posted on this site under FUTURE PUBLICATIONS.

–ISPRS Proceedings of the 2004 Istanbul conference. See my article/presentation about the mapping of Qur’anic geographical terms with the use of remote sensing technologies. ISPRS is the acronym for International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Their five-nation science committee selected my paper for presentation and publication.

–Delaware Nation History Summit, Graham, Texas, August, 2008 presentation of issues surrounding their ancient Wallam Olum; a recorded epic of their migration across North America.

–My published paper for the Geographers of the Islamic World Second International Conference, September, 2003, was selected in first place out of 300 entrees, for presentation at the UNESCO-precipitated Tehran, Iran, conference.

–I have been published in the New York Academy of Sciences journal titled Sciences, in the linguistic journal titled ESOP, the poetry anthology Sands of Time, and in a number of other books, proceedings and journals over the course of the 1970s, 80s and 90s.