Forthcoming Publications:

– I have entered into an agreement with the four children of Sam and Linda Bull who have given me the green light to write a book about their mother’s final ten years of life, 1995 – 2005. I lived through that decade in close companionship with Linda, particularly after Sam died in 1995, and will therefore compose the book from a first person perspective. Linda was an Order of Canada member,now with a posthumous Ph.D., who was embraced by the world and whose time has come to be celebrated.

Of the four identified sources of funding for the book, three have agreed to participate, with the fourth leaning positively toward the others. Because Linda and I were board directors of the organization I founded, the Mountain Cree Camp Syllabics Institute (MCCSI), all contributions to this effort will be processed through the MCCSI account. The patrons are, to date, the Indigenous Media Institute (IMI), Crystal Bull and Dr. Doris Hubbard, a veterinarian and family therapist. The four Bull siblings will each be contributing in different ways. Sam Bull Jr. and his sons, will contribute some art, Russell and Julie will help with some of the administrative needs, and Crystal is making a generous contribution in cash and with the travel and interview requirements. Expect to find this book on the bookstore shelves sometime in the next couple of years. The tentative title is Linda Lindo. In Spanish, “linda” and “lindo” have these meanings: “To the maximum”, “all the way”, and “pretty” or “beautiful”. Linda Lindo would mean something like “Beautiful Linda, all the way and to the max”. I trust not only her many Spanish-speaking friends will appreciate this title.

–Leonardo da Vinci, L’ “Angelo Incarnato” Salai; written under the patronage of the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, and on the request of the book’s author Professor Carlo Pedretti. My essay, titled “What’s In A Name?”, brings light to the subject of the ambiguous relationship between Leonardo and his apparent student-servant-catamite, Salai. The book is being published in English and Italian.

–ESOP, Volume 27, ready for publication at the end of 2009, will feature the premiere of my article, Rachel Resurrexit. It can be ordered directly from the ESOP web site. CAVEAT EMPTOR: Save your money if you have been misled by any pirated or plagiarized posting of my article, found under a different title on two sites, placed there under false pretenses. The only complete and properly edited article titled Rachel Resurrexit bears my name alone as the author and Donal Buchanan, Editor in Chief of ESOP, as the authentic editor. Anything else is incomplete, mal-edited, and is being sold without permission. The disservice these dubious postings do to my work and reputation cannot be underestimated.

–“Of Haiku and Albumenescent Luminous Numens”; a song that combines a Fibonacci-cadenced poem I wrote for Atalante al-Kabir with his subsequent prodigious music composition that resonates with the precision of the same Fibonacci cadence. This piece will appear in the forthcoming musical, “Salai”.

–In late 2010, the libretto for the musical “Salai” will be published and it will contain my collaborative oeuvre with Atalante al-Kabir.

–My decipherment of several of Leonardo’s encryptions and codes has found its way into the music composer Daniel Nazareth’s score for the opera, “The Bridge of Leonardo”. This work is based on the original and Writers Guild-registered collaboration between Daniel and Wiebke Nazareth with me. It will be premiered in Europe and Istanbul in 2010, with my related publication to be made available in the form of a compilation of my decipherments of Leonardo’s encrypted coded notes. Included will be the decipherment of the name “Salai”, of Leonardo’s music, and of his enigmatic terms including “Calindra”, “Monte Tauro”, amongst others.

–A script titled “The Sultan and the Sage” will be published, co-authored by me, with Carlo Pedretti, for a proposed docudrama. I am also the Executive Producer, creative content director and concept author/originator of this forthcoming docudrama about Leonardo’s self-professed travels under the auspices of Ottoman Sultan Beyazid II.