Current Events

2013 Highlights:

–On the request of the Professor of Linguistics at the Sorbonne in Paris, Dr. Abderrezak Dourari, of professors at the Universite de Haute-Alsace in France, of the professors at Jendouba University in Tunisia, of the professors at the University of Algeria, and the Director of the Center for Maghreb Studies in Tunis of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies in Tuscon, Arizona, Dr. Laryssa Chomiak, I will be publishing my linguistics paper(s) on the Berber language in respective conference proceedings and other publications.

–This spring I will be guest lecturing in the University of Alberta Department of Education.

–This fall I will resume my class, “The Unknown Holy Land”, at the University of Alberta Department of Saint Stephen’s College.

–On February 21, I will be giving a major decipherment presentation at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario (see attached info-poster).

–My new avocational work in profiling psychopathy and sociopathy-related crimes (for now, one in particular) will continue this year.

–My new company, The Salai Project Inc., will pursue initiatives in the world of fine arts and fine foods, including a grand fountain, musical theatre, my invented and new goat and sheep cheeses, and a line of Turkish and Arabic foods.

–My years-in-the-making book Peho should be complete and with the publishers by mid-summer


Lewis Cardinal, Noam Chomsky, Buff Parry

The interview with Noam Chomsky announced below is in the editing stage at the AVR (Aboriginal Voices Radio) centre in Toronto, Canada. In the meantime, until it can be posted, here are some of the important highlights:

– Professor Chomsky discussed the relevance and/or irrelevance of the human family genetic tree ethnic or ancestral “genetic markers” in relation to Indigenous peoples;

–He suggested his own family ancestry probably derived from Hazaria (the Georgia-Azerbaijan-Caucasus region Leonardo da Vinci called “Sarmatia”);

– While not happy with some of the ruthlessness of the Ottoman Empire, he expressed a quite positive view of the Ottoman geopolitical administration of the Kurdish, Armenian and other Ottoman-subject regions. He said these ethnic regions like Kurdistan within the Ottoman Empire, were virtually autonomous—unlike today when we find Kurdistan has regressed in the context of nation-states;

– Prompted by questions about human indigenousness and aboriginality, Professor Chomsky concluded that we are all Indigenous, as we all originally as humans come from Africa. Over-defining who is eligible for the Indigenous identity tag can be futile or even absurd. For example, the Yakima Nation of Washington State, U.S.A., are no less Indigenous to their region than the Kennewick Man who was dug up fairly recently in Yakima country and is dated to an era previous to Yakima occupation;

– When my part of the interview ended, we hugged each other, and then Noam added a bit of his dry humour: “Let’s not allow another 37 years to pass before we meet again” (he is in his early 80s….).

March 17 – 21, 2011: Coached (or prompted) by Professor Noam Chomsky, I decided to accept the following invitation. The Universite de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, France, in cooperation with the University of Paris, is hosting a symposium titled Asian American Literature and the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston. Featured during this symposium is what the Program lists as a “Special Session” for Saturday afternoon. The Program describes this session as a “Round Table with Maxine Hong Kingston and Louis Buff Parry, Vietnam War Veteran, scholar and poet (featured) in M.H. Kingston’s best selling book, The Fifth Book of Peace.”

September, 2010: Stay posted for excerpts from my two hour interview with MIT Professor Noam Chomsky. The interview is taking place in his office at MIT in the first two weeks of October, 2010. The interview is conducted under the auspices of Aboriginal Voices Radio (AVR), with AVR C.O.O. Jamie Hill, and AVR Board Chairman Lewis Cardinal comprising the interview team with me. I have been in a collegial friendship and correspondence with Avram Noam Chomsky for 35 years and felt this is the best time in his life to explore some of his most cherished breakthroughs and ideas via the interview medium. I expect several aspects of this interview will be found in a number of print, radio and film venues so stay tuned.

June, 2010: The awaited revision to the paper The Sarmatian Hypothesis is completed and approved for publication at the end of 2010, ESOP Volume 28.

February, 2010: On the invitation of William Anselmi, Professor of Italian, Modern Languages and Culture Department, University of Alberta,I have prepared a paper, titled “Was Leonardo da Vinci a Proto-Futurist Icon in Language and Technology” for the special Futurism edition of the journal, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, for which Prof. Anselmi will be Editor-in-Chief.  The journal will be published in the late spring of 2010.

January, 2010: “The Sarmatian Hypothesis” paper is now complete and ready for peer review. This paper was written with the support of a number of individuals and cultural organizations, as a result of the controversy stirred up by my October 2009 presentation in the Canadian National Library and Archives Auditorium in Ottawa. See other references to this presentation in this site for more about the nature of  the presentation.

December 2, 2009: The release and launch of our new Italian-English bilingual book, Leonardo da Vinci, “L’Angelo Incarnato” & Salai, will occur simultaneous with Maestro Carlo Pedretti’s Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the City of Los Angeles, all at the Sala Rossellini, Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, on December 2, 2009. There will be several book launches across North America and the world through the months of December ’09 and January-February, 2010. I will be giving presentations at some of the launches where I will also sign copies of the book. It will be 416 pages of text and colour illustrations, and initially available in a super deluxe edition, selling at upwards of 140 Euros, or over 200 U.S./Canadian dollars each. The publisher is Cartei & Bianchi. The patron behind the production of this book is the President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.

The First in my series of University of Alberta Leonardo lectures and presentations.

Final Futurism

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and The Republic of Turkey Present a lecture by Louis Buff Parry titled The Eastern Mysteries of Leonardo Da Vinci and His Mother, Caterina.

da_vinci flyer

Look for this book that was assisted by Louis Buff Parry titled Leonard da Vinci L’ “Angelo incarnato” & Salai {The “Angel in the Flesh” & Salai} that should be released by the end of this year.


Caveat Emptor

A fraudulently authored and posted article/essay is being sold on and, in an agreement with World Market Distribution, bearing my name as a co-author. This work was once in the form of an unedited first draft that is now being sold in the form of a so-called edited, revised, corrected and completed work. The fact is, this posted work has been revised without permission, the title has been changed from Rachel Resurrexit to Lapis Exillis—Rachel Resurrexit, it is not complete, and it has not been corrected.

The party responsible for this grievous act is presenting himself as a co-author and an editor of my work (albeit altered). He is neither of these. Anyone who has purchased a copy of this has the right to take legal action, with my testimony herein. Libel, fraud, defamation of character and a form of theft are in the works here.

The genuine essay/article is now published in ESOP 27.